What is Voice?

So as I trek through rewrites, reading how to write, reading literary agents advice blogs, and reading radical books that keep me from writing my own becuase the books I’m reading are sooooo consuming in all the right juicy ways… It made be come back again to the very difficult question for all developing writer’s: WHAT IS VOICE?

For awhile I thought it was maybe referrring to style? Maybe even certain favorite words sprinkled throughtout a novel (i.e.Guffaw in Twilight by Stephanie Meyer ; of course I loved every guffaw she wrote…and there were many, many, many guffaws.  There was a whole lot of guffawing “BUT I LOVE YOU TEAM EDWARD!”I guffawed.) 

But alas no, I don’t think my previous assumptions of what voice is, was correct.

Voice I believe is not so much your voice…you as the writer.  No the voice we are searching get down on paper are the voices of our characters.

The voice that needs to jump off the pages of our MS are the warmth, the icee edge, the thoughtfulness, the ill willed menacing ideas of hate and love from your PERSON. And, the PERSON I am referring to is not you the writer. It’s your character. The hero, the villain, the newpapers boy that yells, “Newsa! Newsa! Get your dose of fresh of the pressa-News!” before he gets run over by your villain’s gang of trouble.

Yes, I beleive voice is deeper than just the cold, hard words we pound onto the computer screen.  It’s the internal struggle. The inner past violence and pain of why our character say, do, and react the way they do.  The voice has to reverberate of your clean, white pages with a resonance of meeting the the character in 3D.

The way when you read a book with such gorgeous imagery with characters so alive, you can’t remember if you watched the movie or read the book first. Then you realize the book hasn’t come out with a movie, yet.

And that chill of excitement of feeling like that character, molded and sculpted in your mind, is someone you met in real life is the voice we as writers are looking for.  So don’t try to write your voice–mine is a asian valley girl with a cartoon pitch…not so good for sultry villians–we have to write the voice of our characters.

They are the one’s telling their story.  We the writers are only the mediums to get their voices on paper.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings.  This was just a thought.  Maybe your agree, diagree, or asking what the hell is this girl talking about… but either way let me know. Love to hear from you. 

Now it’s time to write my MC’s voice down.  Hopefully he hasn’t gone to sleep on me. ;D

Thank you for stopping by and write you later, way past twilight! 😘


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